Dragon Dictation

OK…Yea…I have one of those iPhones.  For most purposes, it has replaced my computer.  I recently went over 4 days without firing up my laptop or my home computer to get on-line and check out the pulse of facebook, twitter, email, wordpress, weather, Fantasy Football, my schedule, etc.  I did all this from my iPhone with just a few touches and pushes on the screen.  I am now one of those people who I used to make fun of. 

One of the latest applications that I thought was too cool, is called Dragon Dictation.  This is a voice recognition application that allows you to speak and then transfer that text to email, text message, facebook status updates, tweets,…just about anything that you usually type, can use Dragon Dictation to transfer your voice into text.  I’m shocked at how well it works.

So, I was driving to a meeting last night and saw something that was funny.  I decided to use this newfound technology while I was driving.  I talked into the mic; it magically knew what I was saying.  I transferred it to a text message and forwarded it to a  friend that would get the humor of what I just saw.  This went on for about 5 minutes, until I arrived safely at the meeting.  I sent him 7 messages in this fashion.  Much safer than texting whilst driving I justified, which I am guilty of doing on occasion.  On top of being safer, I thought the whole thing was pretty cool.

Until I reflected on it today….

Technology has evolved,….let me rephrase that,….I have let technology evolve so much in my life, that I actually spoke into a mic, let it determine what I was saying, so I could then paste into a text and continue to have a conversation in this way.  As I contemplated this, it seemed so impractical; so unproductive; so….pointless.

When did I stop picking up the phone?  When did I stop talking with friends?  Why have I allowed technology to sterilize some of my relationships?

…running through my mind…

5 responses to “Dragon Dictation

  1. Keith, when did people stop writing letters. Do you even remember ever getting one? Maybe at scout camp. I have letters from my dad and my mom, back in the old days that is what we did. So what will you be doing when these are the old days?

    • I do remember getting letters that were handwritten. I actually got a bunch of them all at once just a few years ago. It was pretty cool to read them all.

      Good question about what will I be doing when these are the old days. Good question…….

  2. lookingforfaith77

    I, too, am guilty of allowing the “convenience” of technology run my life. This is a constant in my mind right now…not quite sure what to do about it, but it’s nice to hear others see it the same way.

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